Micaela Scholtz

Creating Your Own Magic


For Love or Money? Emerging talent, under 30, are making their own way.  One talent, Micaela Scholtz, talks about love, money and about her new magazine Vrouw .

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Tiny Fashion Business Explodes with BIG Personality and Social Media

One thing you can’t miss about Monroe’s House of Marvels fashion microbusiness: the owners have BIG personalities. It shows in their funky fashion products, from vintage pinup headbands and pet bowties to tulle tutus and handkerchief baby bibs. Partners Amber Harm and Mallory Cornelius attribute their fast success to a combination of big personality and diligent social media posting.

The company began with the women’s love of...

Whose Ashes Are These, Anyway?

There has been much hoopla surrounding the construction and completion of Tower One at New York’s “Ground Zero.” It seems to me to be a modern analog to the recurring myths of reincarnation in a similar (or even identical) form.

Throughout the ages we, as a species, have been fascinated by the possibility of and the hope for rebirth. Almost every culture has believed that an immutable spirit or soul inhabits every person and has...

NadezhdaPopova: Rising To Her Times

Nadezhda Popova was a true heroine of the Soviet Union – a real-life Luke Skywalker who flew biplanes with canvas wings over enemy territory to drop bombs on the advancing German Army.

She was from Donetsk – that embattled part of eastern Ukraine that is mostly Russian-speaking today and was firmly a part of Stalin’s empire. In Russian, her name was “Nadia.” And, by all accounts, she was all woman.

The women of the...

Coming to America | Grandpa Joe Vaccarino from Sicily

Fleeing fascism and corruption in Sicily, Grandpa Joe Vaccarino entered the US through Ellis Island. He lived on Mott Street in New York's Little Italy. Back in the day, Grandpa Joe hung out on the street. He played kick-the-can and bocce ball. Eventually, he moved to the Bronx and later to Yonkers. He was a money lender, a spalloni, one of those who moves money.  A man of honor.  La Stessa Cosa. Today, he would simply be called a hedge...

Romania Patent Lawyer Ted Weisz

I was sixteen when I arrived with my parents to New York from Eastern Europe, via Italy. All our possessions filled two suitcases—we were not allowed to bring any money or jewelry with us. (Years later, I went for a vacation with my wife to Italy and the airline lost our luggage. I called up my mother and said to her jokingly, “Here I am again, back to having nothing just like when I was 16.”) 

One of my first memories in the USA...