Book Review: A Man and Two Women by Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing is a brilliant writer who casts a pall on light, joy, happiness—the up side of human life. Her storytelling technique, crafting of excellent sentences, narrative description, and keen ear for dialogue is superb. If only she saw a bit of human goodness, every now and then, instead of being mired in the dark swamp of hypocrisy. 

Book Review: Colossus: A Novel about Goya and a World Gone Mad

The historical narrative is a dramatic unfolding of events that are factually accurate. The characters are living the story; the author is not telling us what to think about what actually happened historically.

The Hidden Story Behind "America The Beautiful"

’m sure you’re familiar with America the Beautiful, America’s most popular anthem. But you may not be aware of the hidden history behind the song and the remarkable story of the feminist, suffragist, teacher, social reformer and lover of nature and beauty who wrote it. We need your help to make a new and important film!

Disrespect and Exclusion

For the last 40 years, across multiple work engagements, I’ve observed unequal treatment and advancement of women in technology or related fields. At the same time, I admit that my own career has been remarkably free of disrespect and exclusion.

Book Review: Zero At The Bone by Christian Wiman

The true sign of a good book is when the reader proclaims: “I didn’t want it to end.”  My definition of a great book is when I say: “I need to keep it by my side in some small, inconspicuous place so I can secretly read it again.”

St. Mary’s Church: For Whom the Bell Tolls

St. Mary’s Church (The Church of the Immaculate Conception) is the oldest Roman Catholic parish in the city of Yonkers. More than an ordinary church, St. Mary’s is often called the "Cathedral of the Hudson River Valley." And for good reason. Humble but elegant, the church is larger and grander than any other Catholic church in Yonkers. But right now the church is under wraps and slated to close its door on July 1, 2024. 


Finding the True Value in Coins of Any Realm

From dentalium to tea bricks, from paper checks to wire transfers to plastic cards to cryptocurrency – over time, people have come up with many different methods of paying for goods and services. Not all of these have held up to the test of time, but metal coinage, has long earned a reputation for longevity.


How Russia and China Pursue a Soft Regime Change in America

Both Russia and China are manipulating our democratic election process to benefit their foreign policies. The director of Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism found that 470 phony Facebook accounts tied to Russia were active during the 2016 campaign. Six of them were shared at least 340 million times. An Institute for Strategic Dialogue report identified a Chinese influence campaign known as Spamouflage. It uses AI and a network of social media accounts to amplify American discontent and division ahead of the U.S. presidential election.