Extremism of Student Protests Today and in the '60s

About 5% of college campuses are experiencing protests. This is different from the '60s; their size and scope are smaller. However, they follow the same arc of drifting from pursuing their initial objectives to having a few with extreme views and engaging in violence capturing the headlines.


In June 2022, I found myself perched precariously on the second-story roof of an abandoned house in the far east of Ukraine, listening to Russian mortar rounds impact closer and closer. As I risked a broken neck or worse trying to get mobile service, I caught myself laughing at the surreal, impossible nature of where I was. I could be back in Seattle with my beautiful wife, working at my comfortable IT job, building my even more comfortable future. Instead, here I was, 10 meters up in the air in far northeastern Ukraine...

Books as Windows and Mirrors

The first impression one might get of Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Ed.D, is that she has one of the warmest smiles of just about anyone, anywhere. 

UNITE OR DIE: Global Governance and a New Social Contract For Our Endangered Species

“Unite or die.” These fateful words were penned by Benjamin Franklin in 1774 when the American colonies were close to a Declaration of Independence from the British Crown.

The Digital Era Will Prompt Revolutions -
as Did the Print Era

The breakthrough technologies of the printing press and data digitization allow the masses to access information. That flood of new information crumbled the legitimacy of the established political orders. Will great powers fall again due to the greater information flow in the new digital media era?

The Hidden Story Behind "America The Beautiful"

I’m sure you’re familiar with America the Beautiful, America’s most popular anthem. But you may not be aware of the hidden history behind the song and the remarkable story of the feminist, suffragist, teacher, social reformer and lover of nature and beauty who wrote it. We need your help to make a new and important film!

Disrespect and Exclusion

For the last 40 years, across multiple work engagements, I’ve observed unequal treatment and advancement of women in technology or related fields. At the same time, I admit that my own career has been remarkably free of disrespect and exclusion.


April is our money issue. This month Patricia Vaccarino writes about St. Mary’s Church in Yonkers, New York. Heralded as the “Cathedral on the  Hudson River,” and a symbol for the immigrants who built Yonkers, St. Mary’s might be headed for death row. This month Barbara Lloyd McMichael writes about numismatics, coin collecting for the coin-curious, as well as for the serious hobbyist. Astronomer Andrew Fraknoi writes about the coming eclipse of the sun that will take place Monday, April 8, 2024.