Pike Place Market celebration! Saturday, Oct. 23, 10am - 4pm

Fifty Years ago, there was a successful populist revolt in Seattle! There is a lesson for progressives to learn from the past successful effort to save the Pike Place Market from being torn down. 

GREEN ROUNDUP - “The Future Lies Ahead”

For a species that literally owes its remarkable evolutionary success over time to its social behavior and its many innovations (we have rightly been called “The Self-Made Man” by the anthropologist Jonathan Kingdon), we have been very slow to recognize, much less respond to what can fairly be called an existential survival crisis.  Some 99 percent of all the species that have ever evolved are now extinct. We may soon join them. Unless…

PR for People® THE CONNECTOR – October 2021

At PR for People The Connector, we  encourage people to act as a stewards to protect this great gift of life that we have been given. And we also promise to make our voices heard whenever possible. In this month’s issue, we present the voices of people who are grappling with the reality of climate change.

BOOK REVIEW by Patricia Vaccarino: Student Power, Democracy and Revolution in the Sixties

Nick Licata’s latest book is a timely, relevant, and compelling narrative that draws us into the glory days of student activism during the 1960s.These are the halcyon days of citizen empowerment when groups like the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) flourished, imbuing many thousands of young people with a collective conscience to make a better world. At the very least, their attempt to make a better world became a laudable, good faith effort. 

Libraries We Love – Hindi’s Libraries—Books from Hindi’s heart

Each month, we profile a library: Large, small, urban, rural, post-modern, quaint or neo-classic. This month Patricia Vaccarino writes about a small school project that quickly grew into a national literacy initiative.

Is Facebook Ready?

To date, Congress has been unable to determine a legislative path for dealing with Facebook and similar companies.

Notes from the road: The Holocaust of Trees

Patricia Vaccarino writes about the changing climate in the Pacific Northwest and its impact on the great trees that gave the Evergreen State its name and reputation.

Diné College Case Study: How federal funding increases equity, connectivity, opportunity

Barbara Lloyd McMichael explores how federal funding can increase equity, connectivity and opportunity. Established by the Navajo Nation in 1968, Diné College is the first tribally controlled and accredited collegiate institution in the country.