In the Belly of the Whale


Why bother to hire a P.R firm when you can do it yourself? Would you extract your own teeth, perform surgery on your own brain, or represent yourself pro se in a court of law?  Okay, maybe you think P.R. is something easy that anyone can do, but it’s not true. In the age of trolls, flamers and bullies, you will end up being swallowed by a big flopping fish. Floundering? It’s warm down there in the belly of the whale. Dark too.  You think you’re going somewhere but you’re not. Why stay there and drown when you could be swimming upstream?

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Speaking Up

As we see repeatedly in reports of current events, a workplace’s culture is often at the heart of ethical and regulatory misconduct. Corporate leaders are grappling with strategies to win back market share and deliver profits to the bottom line. In eliminating or downsizing groups inside an organization, a certain amount of institutional memory gets lost – and governance models are rarely reworked to reflect the new reality. 

Robin Lindley interviews renowned labor historian Dr Harvey Schwartz on his book "Labor Under Siege"

Robin Lindley interviews renowned labor historian Dr Harvey Schwartz on his book "Labor Under Siege," an oral history of the modern International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and its charismatic and beloved president in recent decades, Bob McEllrath.


Disrespect and Exclusion

For the last 40 years, across multiple work engagements, I’ve observed unequal treatment and advancement of women in technology or related fields. At the same time, I admit that my own career has been remarkably free of disrespect and exclusion.

Money Moves: Smart Financing Options for Real Estate Investments

The right financing source is key to a successful real estate investment venture. It's the lifeline that fuels your property ambitions and dictates the scale of your pursuit of property expenditure.  From traditional bank loans and private lenders to hard money and investment trusts, a multitude of financing options are at your disposal.

Sanitizing Bad News

I was thrilled to be the first expert interviewed by Sean Costigan in Red Sift’s new podcast series, “Resilience Rising,” available on Spotify. We covered a lot of ground, looking at firms like Wells Fargo, Boeing, Theranos, and JPMorgan Chase.  I had written about much of what we discussed in 2017 in an article for Risk Universe magazine called “Executives and Risk: What Your Teams Won’t Tell You.”