The American Elephant: Women’s Continued Segregation and Underpayment


The bulk of my salaries was swallowed up in the cost of the moves and higher living expenses in the regions around the schools. So, for over eight years now, my real source of income has been publishing. The blame might be with the untenured and otherwise unsecure state of academic employment. But being a woman in academia is especially disabling.

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Finding the True Value in Coins of Any Realm

From dentalium to tea bricks, from paper checks to wire transfers to plastic cards to cryptocurrency – over time, people have come up with many different methods of paying for goods and services. Not all of these have held up to the test of time, but metal coinage, has long earned a reputation for longevity.


April 2023 Magazine

Our April issue explores financial literacy, the enduring myth of Ayn Rand, and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Also featured is Sally Haver's nostalgic recollection of Cambridge in the 1960s and Robin Lindley's interview with Kermit Roosevelt III. Patricia Vaccarino's book review of White Cargo offers a controversial perspective of slavery, albeit white slavery.

Your Money Matters Mentoring: Helping young people think about their relationship with their money

Clinton Taylor, founder and executive director of Your Money Matters Mentoring, wants to reach teens and young adults in economically vulnerable communities. His Auburn, Washington-based nonprofit provides financial literacy classes for teens and young adults so that they can get the financial skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. 

The Shape of Risk

The sad saga of the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank. Too big to fail? How many times must the banks sing the same old swan song?

Inflation --- A Natural Wealth Redistributor

Inflation has become a scary term not only for ordinary people but also for many confused professional economists. However, inflation is actually not only an inevitable fundamental element in the market economy, but also a key to understand many important economic phenomena that have been occurring for decades or even centuries around the world. It implements mechanism of redistributing wealth in a market and around the world.