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Male Quilter Breaks Gender Stitching Barriers

Pastor Jack Heck walked into the Quilter’s Cottage in Kearney, Neb., and said, “Look out ladies! The rooster’s in the henhouse!” With his customary sense of humor, Jack has broken gender barriers that have kept men from participating in the traditionally female world of stitchery.

Although there are stories of men being turned away from quilters’ guild meetings in other places, Jack says in the seven years he has quilted no one...

Romania Patent Lawyer Ted Weisz

I was sixteen when I arrived with my parents to New York from Eastern Europe, via Italy. All our possessions filled two suitcases—we were not allowed to bring any money or jewelry with us. (Years later, I went for a vacation with my wife to Italy and the airline lost our luggage. I called up my mother and said to her jokingly, “Here I am again, back to having nothing just like when I was 16.”) 

One of my first memories in the USA...

Toronto | Jim Janakievski DDS MSD

Jim Janakievski’s grandfather came to North America from the former Yugoslavia. Born in Toronto, Canada, Jim  recalls summers he spent vacationing at a cottage in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, and going pike fishing with his father on Muskoka Bay. After he finished dental school at the University of Toronto, he did a hospital residency at Saint Clare’s Hospital, just outside of Albany, New York.

He practiced as a general...