Creating Your Own Magic

Micaela Scholtz

Creating Your Own Magic

Love or Money, we are all familiar with the eternal intertwined struggle. In our Insta world we see the influx of emerging talent, all under 30, making their own way. As Richard Branson once remarked do good, have fun and the money will come. Here one such talent Micaela Scholtz talks love, money and about her Vrouw Magazine.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Micaela Scholtz. I am a Graphic Designer, which allows me to pursue my love for all beauty; be it feminine, natural, creative or simply unique. My infatuation for art started at a young age. I instinctively wanted to nurture this passion and share it.  I obtained my degree in Graphic Design (Cum Laude) in 2017 and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree, whilst working as a Graphic Designer for Nelson Mandela University.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Vrouw Magazine.

What started as a University Honors’ project has blossomed into Vrouw Magazine. What inspired me most are the amazing stories behind each and every woman. Vrouw Magazine is all about empowering, inspiring and celebrating women. We have found that by sharing original stories, it creates a vast sense of community. It makes us feel connected, powerful and in a sense worthy of all that we are. This deserves to be celebrated and revealed.  We aim to reflect how women are perceived, far beyond the norms of society.

What was your first job and what did you do with your first salary?

My first job was working as a Graphic Designer for a political party. The first thing I did with my salary was to buy myself a pair of genuine leather boots!

We live in a world where apps equal aptitude.  Would being tech savvy be a prerequisite in marketing today or could good old fashioned word of mouth get the job done?

 It definitely helps to be tech savvy in the world today, technology is present in everything we do and everywhere we go. It is a simple and effective way to access information and a great marketing tool. However, I believe that word of mouth will always have its place in society. It carries a sense of trustworthiness to what is being said / sold.

Which audience is more acceptable to marketing, Millennials or Post Millennials?

In terms of tech savvy marketing I would say Millennials, they might be more comfortable with technology, therefore will find it easier to trust, use and believe.

You got to work with a variety of women, would you say you rate power with money or success?

Definitely success! When a woman is content with whom she is and what she does, she is successful. The most powerful woman is content with who she is. Money does not bring real fulfillment and happiness, but what you do every day and who you spend your time with does.

What makes a good bottle of perfume, the price or the label?

 As a Graphic Designer I would definitely say the label, but I have never come across a good perfume that was cheap.

What is the most you have spent on perfume/ make up?

 I have more or less spent R1500 on my absolute favorite bottle of perfume. I am not too much of a big spender on makeup; I usually opt for cheaper products that do the job just as well. I buy expensive skin care products and foundation, because your face is an important aspect of your image, but for the rest I prefer the more affordable products.

How do you stay financially disciplined?

I have 2 bank accounts, one for everyday use and the other for savings. This way I manage what I spend and what I access to. My savings account has a withdrawal period so I can’t access the money I save unless I give a 30 day notice. This helps as by the time I have access, I should have received my monthly salary; thus it becomes irrelevant to withdraw money. I also have a budget planner in my diary where I jot down all my expenses. I try and save an amount every month.

Name your most expensive indulgence.

Books! All of them aren’t necessarily expensive, but I buy a lot of them every month and I can’t seem to stop myself.

What is your saving for rainy day philosophy?

Currently there is nothing specific I am saving for, but I still make sure that I put money aside every month. I like knowing that I have something if I ever need it, sort of like a backup plan. I want to feel prepared for whatever I might need.

 When was the last time you used an ATM?

I can’t remember; maybe a year ago.  A card is much safer to carry around and much easier to use.  Internet/mobile banking is user friendly and convenient.

 Prosperity and posterity, what legacy would you like to leave for future generations?

I would like for them to foster genuine connections with one another and deliver authentic representations through their work.

Society is more socially conscious, believing in the adage of doing well by doing good. Which charity would like to see be more supported and why.

Thandusana Babies Safe Home. This institution is a safe haven for abandoned and/or abused babies 0-3 years of age. Thandusana is run by a few amazing women and one can see the passion they have for what they do. These are women truly making a difference in their own, silent ways.

You are having lunch with Ellen DeGeneres. What would you ask her?

Wow, where do I start? I would ask her about her journey as a woman up to this point in her life and her career. I would ask her about what motivated her to reach her dreams/goals, who supported her and what makes her vulnerable.

 Favorite quote or mantra to live by.

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise” by Frank Ocean


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