Meet Michelle Pinto

Meet Michelle Pinto. Michelle was born and raised in the Bronx. She is a mother of five and founder of Too Waivee and Da Brand, which are dance organizations. These organizations were created four years ago on October 25th. She founded these organizations to help kids stay off the street.

As a Bronx Native, Michelle’s fondest memories of growing up in the Bronx consist of living with her grandmother in the South Bronx. There, she learned how to work with children, which later became her passion. This passion also stemmed from a program that Michelle joined that kept her off the streets. She was compelled to give back to her community.

Michelle’s favorite places in the Bronx include the Botanical Gardens, Havana Café, and Orchard Beach. She loves the Botanical Gardens because it is peaceful, and she loves how the flowers smell. Her favorite restaurant is Havana Café because of the amazing food and relaxed atmosphere. It’s also kid friendly, and she enjoys bringing her children there to eat. She says, “Orchard Beach is the place to go where you see everything and everybody”.

Michelle describes the Bronx as uplifting, where it has matured over the years. The Bronx has done this despite the criticism it received. Its criticism includes being considered “hood.” She feels that the Bronx has developed and gotten better than how it used to be.

She invites people who have never visited the Bronx to come, take a visit, and see the Bronx as it truly is. It is a great experience.

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