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For Love or Money? Emerging talent, under 30, are making their own way.  One talent, Micaela Scholtz, talks about love, money and about her new magazine Vrouw .

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Marion Ceruzzi Does Good Work!

by Sally Haver

After working for 3+ decades as an executive at international pharmaceutical companies, Marion Ceruzzi left to do what she really loves – Good Works. When asked what that entails, she gave a little “Aw shucks” chuckle before launching into a description of past and present volunteer activities.

While Marion was working full-time, she managed to squeeze in the following:


Marilyn Fezza Gives Girls a Voice of Their Own

Marilyn Fezza is New York City-based entrepreneur, business owner, fashion designer, mother and feminist who envisions the time when her latest media venture, 7Sisters project, will be embraced by young women and girls worldwide. Marilyn was only 23 years old, when together with her husband, she co-founded a successful apparel label, Andrew Fezza. She served as COO, Women’s Design Director, Head of Marketing and PR...

Ned Halilovic: We Were Strangers Once Ourselves

Ned Halilovic is a refugee. His earliest memories are of a war zone, where people were killing one another over their religion and nationality. Just like today’s refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, only Ned’s war was a generation earlier, and closer to home.

“I was born in ’86 in a small town in southern Europe, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,” he says, as if anyone alive in those years could have not heard of Sarajevo. “...

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Homeless people might appear to be funny. Grooming is not high on their list of things to do. They wear bizarre combinations of tattered clothes.  Sometimes they shout into garbage cans at nothing at all.  Pushing grocery carts full of cans and rotten scraps of food -- they hoard to make themselves feel safe and like they have a home.  And while they look funny, smell funny and act funny, most of them are mentally ill, and that...


“What the ev, couscous jay is jet lettuce squirk sausages the ev tip cat shave the sundae”

My son Daniel is on the phone.  I’m waiting to hear something intelligible, wondering if he hasn’t taken his meds, had a few beers, or did some crack. He is living in a group home for mentally ill adults, and I’m grateful for having found a decent one that takes Medicaid and Medicare. 

Daniel was bright, talented and popular. His...