Micaela Scholtz

Creating Your Own Magic


For Love or Money? Emerging talent, under 30, are making their own way.  One talent, Micaela Scholtz, talks about love, money and about her new magazine Vrouw .

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The Energy of Women

Years ago, I was detailed to resurrecting and selling a series of financial information products, a task a senior manager called almost impossible. With no competent sales people in place, I hit upon an unusual solution.  

Working with an informal assistance group, I hired four recently divorced women to sell our offerings. All four had been left with children, little financial support, and many bills. 


Been caught stealing: tribal spiritual misappropriation

Yet another celebrity is feeling the internet backlash for appropriating a Native American headdress: this time it’s hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s wife, Janet. Her Instagram photo features her four daughters in headdresses, as reported by Vincent Schilling in India Country Media Today. In recent years,...

Native Voices Rising

In a quiet field beyond a locked chain-link gate not far from Interstate 5 in Salem, Oregon stands a curved, rusty metal sign that says “Chemawa Cemetery.” A thin, rust-colored cross separates the two words, an example of how the Native American spirituality these children were born into—the worlds of their ancestors for tens of thousands of years—was denied to them, even in death.

Hope may be coming for these children and others...

Wellesley 1961, A Reflection

102 women stood in the dorm library, members of the class of 1961 who chose to attend their 55th reunion.  It’s a self-select group, those that felt they had done well enough and looked good enough to attend, and who didn’t have personal or family issues to keep them away. June is the month when colleges across America welcome back their alumni, an exercise in nostalgia for the attendees and an unparalleled opportunity to fund-...

Working Beyond Retirement

Retirement is a relatively new concept.  In olden days (pre WWII), people worked until they could no longer do their jobs.  Even the concept of retirement has fostered an epidemic foisted on us by (well meaning?) people to either provide for citizens in decline or to make room for the next generation.  And, it can mean a number of things.  People retire and then find that they need more to keep them busy and involved than golf and bagels...