Make It Happen

Make It Happen


“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next.”  Gary Gruber-Mai talks about this, love or money and immigration challenges.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Gary Gruber-Mai; I am 39 years old and currently live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I was born in Vereeniging in Gauteng province in South Africa. I had officially immigrated to Canada in November 2012

You left your comfort zone, moved to a different country and started your own business. Tell us more about this experience.

I would refer to comfort zone loosely. My decision to move was because I was uncomfortable in my position in South Africa. I lived...

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A Bloated Military Budget enables waste, corruption, and worldwide intervention

While the Republicans and Democrats do a slow tangle to lift the debt ceiling to avoid crippling our economy, they agree on taking one step together. They are lockstep in supporting the military budget. 

Meals on Wheels

At the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020, Susan R. told me that front-line workers, which could include deliverers of Meals On Wheels, would get moved to the head of the queue for getting vaccinated against Covid. I thought this was an excellent quid pro quo because, as an older person, I was in greater danger from the effects of Covid than other sub-sets of the population, and the sooner I could get vaccinated, the better.

Digging Out

It is hard to know where to begin, after such a seemingly endless stream of weather-related disasters and, most recently, the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Only yesterday did the earthquake recovery efforts there begin to move to the next stage of restoration.  

February 2023 Magazine

In February we pay tribute to a fine new documentary film made by John de Graaf. Stewart Udall and the Politics of Beauty is a story about a man who quietly worked with people from all walks of life and many political factions to create a better world. 

Rainy Day Thoughts

My mind travels across the ocean to the homeland of my grandparents—to the city of Kyiv in the Ukraine. They emigrated in the early part of the 20th Century due to political and religious reasons and to seek a better life in America. The people of the Ukraine now in the early part of this 21st century are also seeking a better life—a better life in their country. They are staying, fighting and dying for their beliefs.