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In the Persian Tradition All that Glitters is Truly Gold

As Owner and Creative Director of Shirin Chic Design, Shirin Barekatein is the only designer in the Northwest area who brings gilded beauty to the table, where her every design is steeped in the opulence of the Persian tradition.

The Digital Strategies of High Fashion and Portable Devices

Digital Strategy creates a level playing field in high fashion.  This strategy is in marketing, protection against knock-offs, and maintaining brand integrity while reaching far more customers and end users.

Tech is the new fashion.  Or better put: technology is in vogue at design houses and the fashion world.  Technology and fashion are now merging into one and the same product and entity.  How so?  By fashion houses that have...

Wearing a Hat to the Races: Milliner Annie de Vuono

Milliner Annie de Vuono trained in the Cecchetti method of ballet, studied at Ruth Page, home of the Chicago Ballet, and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.  During her early phase as a Milliner, she worked in costuming for dance and theatre companies, where she created stylized variations of the fascinator.


California Street-Style: Snapshots from “The Land of Milk & Honey”

From desert sands and sandy beaches, to sprawling metropolises and mountain ranges, Southern California offers a beautiful juxtaposition of varying climates, landscapes and terrains, as well as a libertarian, laid-back yet glamorous culture.

As an international gateway to the United States and the principal hub for the American film industry, Southern California (or So-Cal) has become a notorious melting pot of languages, foods,...