Micaela Scholtz

Creating Your Own Magic


For Love or Money? Emerging talent, under 30, are making their own way.  One talent, Micaela Scholtz, talks about love, money and about her new magazine Vrouw .

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Do Men Really Have Feelings?... And If So, Who Cares?!

In January, a man who was doing contract work for our firm had a family crisis. For two days he was unavailable while he was tending to his sick child. I never asked what was wrong with his child nor did I ask any of the details — the child’s age, gender or the nature of the illness. I didn’t care to know. I’m not big on sharing my feelings in business.

Call me insensitive, but I’m a woman who came of age during a time when women...

The Truth Begins With Conversation

You might have heard Dr. Fritz Galette on the radio, or you might have seen him on TV. Late last fall, Galette launched “The Dr. Fritz Show” on channel 34 in New York City. Each week “The Dr. Fritz Show” is a magnet for special guests, from “real” people to celebrities who want to engage in genuine conversation. For those of you who are not in New York, “The Dr. Fritz Show” streams from his website, www....

Cop-per Bullets


When cop-per bullets desecrate young, black flesh The oppressed, then address, whose son will be next? Bullets to the blue sky; there’s a mob filled with threats, For the sobbing, young mother in her cop-robbed nest

Police keep their dogs on a leash, but who’s the real beast? When children get murdered for being Black in the streets “Suspicious” characters get courted, then asked...

Are Your Neurons Making You a Bigot?

Are Your Neurons Making You a Bigot?   

Maybe… but not so fast

Everyone’s a little bit racist. No less than the head of the FBI said so recently, quoting a song from the Broadway musical, “Avenue Q.”

We all have two forms of prejudice to deal with: implicit and explicit, conscious and unconscious. When the racist says people of color are inferior and dangerous, that’s explicit bias...

it’s what we do: a homily for my mother

she floated across the kitchen, grabbed our biggest butcher knife, and met the girls father at the door. he was the kind of man who took to abuse of all kinds, and she wasn’t to be messed with. told him , if you touch her again, set foot on my property, I will surely kill you. he smirked, but it didn’t last long, his lips turning at the site of the knife at her side as she asked him, kindly, to leave.

this was the lesson...