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HEAR to REAH: Bridging the Gap for the Deaf.


Wonder Ndlovu is founder of Mbula Research and Development, a technology-based start-up that focuses on uncovering digital & innovative solutions and bring them to life. He holds a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation and a Degree in Software Development among others.

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Corporate Sustainability and General Mills Project

From Charleston, SC

Corporate Sustainability and General Mills Project

By: Katie Webb, Corporate Accounts Manager of AM Conservation Group and Charlene Moody, Senior Account Executive of AM Conservation Group

We as a global economy have come to the realization that to keep from becoming obsolete, corporate sustainability is vital! And now more than...

Innovations in Solar + Glass

From Silicon Valley

Innovations in Solar + Glass

By PR for People News Team

NSG Group, the owner of the Pilkington brand, and one of the world’s largest glass producers, and Solaria, specialists in PV technology, are entering into a collaboration agreement to manufacture and produce semi-transparent building...

The Future of Fuel Cells

From Ohio

The Future of Fuel Cells

By PR for People News Team

The basic concept of a fuel cell is simple — it converts chemical energy into electricity.

To hear Kent State professor Dr. Yanhai Du tell it, the impact of modern and emerging fuel cell technology is anything but basic. Fuel cells have the potential to deliver on the promise of the elusive cold-fusion...

N2 Cracks the Code to Develop a ‘Super Grid’

From New York City

N2 Global Solutions, Inc., a New York-based technology company, has developed “the first integrated wireless network” of its kind—an Internal ‘Super Grid’ that retro fits into a building’s existing electrical junction boxes. The grid replaces the current, antiquated wall outlet, light switch, and light fixture components that universally convert existing...

Digital Destiny


Writers deal with editorial calendars, topics for articles, subjects for thought pieces. We try to plan ahead, storing paragraphs, sentences, resources, interviews; or an idea to follow up on or expand upon, thinking it might add that special something to make an article that much better.

With Destiny as the topic, numerous thoughts came to mind. We had a cat by that name, because it was destiny that she came into...