Meet the Women of Via Seattle

Led by Via Seattle’s founder Gennette Cordova, the panel discussion probed the essence of art and identified why these young women are compelled to create. A pattern emerged that defined a drive, a spark, a calling, and raw energy and ambition that superseded the conventional notions we might attribute to success in the creative fields. “Why do you create?” Gennette Cordova asked the panel. “It chose me,” was the rapid-fire response from many of the women, or “I have no choice but to express myself.” These women have no choice but to create great art, because they have talent, smarts and the gumption to persevere against all odds.                         

"I think it's important to showcase woman of color artists to encourage other women, young and old, to think outside the box, step into their talents, and allow a voice to a deeper part of themselves. It's so amazing to manifest ideas into creation and often people don't have the privilege of having a career that aligns with their creativity. This panel was a demonstration of a vast group of Women of Color that are determined to give their creativity life." -Alaina Caldwell

"It is important for us as women to be in tune with our own ambitions. Society will impose rules and ideas of how we should live our lives, but in order for you to live up to your full potential, and be the best you, you have to do what's best for you. I hope that Artists We Will Be inspires another woman of color to go after her dream, and create her own journey."  -Jasmine Jackson

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"Being a woman can be hard. Being a person of color can be hard. Being an artist can be hard. Imagine being all three? More now than ever, creative women of color need supportive communities that encourage us to continue to create and remind us that our voice, our art, and our existence matters. Via Seattle's mission is to do just that. So not only is Artists We Will Be, right on time- it is necessary."  -Alana Belle

“Artists We Will and events like it are crucial because they provide a space for women of color to speak with certainty on the ways we can improve our society by approaching problems from a different vantage point. Celebrating women in the arts reminds everyone that art plays a crucial role in the way our society will operate and the more artistic appreciation we have the more humane all of our citizens will be. We need humane ideas to be the dominant mode of thinking now more than ever.” - Emery Desper, Writer

“Via Seattle is a great non-profit organization and I admire what Gennette Cordova is building.  Creating a space for others and encouraging women, especially women of color, to inspire others. The Artists We Will Be panel was a great experience for me to learn about other artists based in Seattle. All artists on the panel were friends of mine and I love their art.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Via Seattle comes up with next.”  -Katrina Felicitas, Owner and Creative Director of Genuine Gem

"I attract what I need, when the universe knows I need it."  - Visual Artist Yasmin Almo “YASSA”

“As a visual artist I rarely speak to others about the inside details of my art, running a business, life as a creative or my personal history. The Artists We Will Be Panel gave me that opportunity. I hope that others were inspired to confront life's obstacles and live a more creative life.”   

Erica Daniels w/ Emazing Photography



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