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Oasis changing lives through football.


Oasis Founder Clifford Martinus has a contagious passion for sport and community. This is evident in the work done at Oasis Place with his belief that the connection to a team, fair play and sport can support an individual in overcoming the odds, both personal and social. This South African non-profit creates positive personal development opportunities for youth from marginalised backgrounds.

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Searching for Character

So, you ask, “Why should I be so concerned with this question of  character and destiny at this point in time—and where do I fit in to all of this?”  Well, simply stated, I am in my seventh decade now—an elder. I still want to understand and try to make sense of what lessons my country’s character has given to me and continues to impart.


Award-winning writer and filmmaker John de Graaf asks: Can beauty save the world?  Please see his essay A New Politics of Beauty for America. John de Graaf makes a solid case that beauty has transformed countless lives and is able to change cynicism to reverence. The fact that beauty makes people happier, healthier and kinder is well-documented and something we need to think about. 


Can beauty save the world, as Dostoevsky imagined?  Is it the best bet to do so, As Doug Tompkins wagered?  In an ugly time, is it the truest of protests, as Phil Ochs declared?  I can only say that it has transformed me and that its ability to change cynicism to reverence and to make people happier, healthier and kinder is well-documented. 

Becket Has Arrived

The 1964 movie Becket tells the story of two men: England’s King Henry II,  a Norman, and his “loyal” compatriot, Thomas Becket, a Saxon. Appointed by Henry as Lord Chancellor, Becket becomes the King’s closest adviser in all matters great and small. And in an attempt to vanquish all political and religious opposition and solidify power within his monarchy, Mr. Trump,(sorry, I meant King Henry), again appoints Becket, with little to no prior experience, to replace the recently deceased Archbishop of Canterbury— the highest religious position in the realm.