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Oasis changing lives through football.


Oasis Founder Clifford Martinus has a contagious passion for sport and community. This is evident in the work done at Oasis Place with his belief that the connection to a team, fair play and sport can support an individual in overcoming the odds, both personal and social. This South African non-profit creates positive personal development opportunities for youth from marginalised backgrounds.

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February 2023 Magazine

In February we pay tribute to a fine new documentary film made by John de Graaf. Stewart Udall and the Politics of Beauty is a story about a man who quietly worked with people from all walks of life and many political factions to create a better world. 

Rainy Day Thoughts

My mind travels across the ocean to the homeland of my grandparents—to the city of Kyiv in the Ukraine. They emigrated in the early part of the 20th Century due to political and religious reasons and to seek a better life in America. The people of the Ukraine now in the early part of this 21st century are also seeking a better life—a better life in their country. They are staying, fighting and dying for their beliefs.


Welcome to 2023! What does it mean to make your mark? Check out Debbie Kiederer's company, ChalkDust Consulting. Explaining what ChalkDust does to those of us who are not technically savvy is best described by the types of glitches that we encounter on ecommerce sites.  We’ve all experienced frustration when we’re unable to buy what we want without a site throwing out error messages, or we can’t find the product that we want, or there is a disconnect between the website’s messaging and the types of products that are actually offered for sale. We get so frustrated that we give up and go shopping somewhere else...

Hold On

What a week it has been!  At the top of the charts would be Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and his subsequent dismantling of special teams that oversaw content management, ethics, privacy, as well as employment law protections.  

November 2022 Magazine

November is our month to be mindful of all the ways we can be grateful and show gratitude. Our November Magazine focuses on Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Also, a first-of-its-kind pocket park in Florida makes mindfulness much more than a state of mind.