In the Belly of the Whale


Why bother to hire a P.R firm when you can do it yourself? Would you extract your own teeth, perform surgery on your own brain, or represent yourself pro se in a court of law?  Okay, maybe you think P.R. is something easy that anyone can do, but it’s not true. In the age of trolls, flamers and bullies, you will end up being swallowed by a big flopping fish. Floundering? It’s warm down there in the belly of the whale. Dark too.  You think you’re going somewhere but you’re not. Why stay there and drown when you could be swimming upstream?

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Interview with Annie Searle

Recently, we interviewed Annie Searle, exclusively for The Connector.



The Strategy of *Experientiality —  Holistic Experience Design  for Restaurants

During the 1990-early 2000s, I spent time working with the Disney Imagineers and Park Strategists at Disney — designing experiences, brands and their integrated strategies in Orlando and Anaheim. During that time, we also worked with Steve and Elaine Wynn on Bellagio and their teams and properties. 

What that range of experience taught me is that a restaurant visionary will need to have a clear visioning about the offer — what...

Energy in the workplace


When most people hear the word energy in relation to workspaces, terms such as energy usage or energy efficiency typically come to mind. But for a growing number of businesses, architects and space designers, discussions about workspace energy focus on the degree to which it represents a healthy, sustainable, vibrant and productive working environment.  Today, when architects and planners design workspaces,...

Behind the Scenes In Human Resources

Behind the Scenes In Human Resources: Five Strategies to Bring In the Best Talent

Tony Pratofiorito, Managing Director of Human Resources at an international investment bank, shared a few lesser-known ways of sifting through the applicant pooland insuring that a company brings in the best possible talent for a given opening.

Read a resume backwards to understand where...

Understanding Crisis Management

As an operational risk consultant, I encounter clients who have no business continuity plans—“that takes too much time and money” and/or “we don’t have anyone on staff who knows how to do that kind of stuff”—and who have opted instead to create plans around disaster response and/or crisis management.  Sometimes such plans are emergency management oriented, with a fat binder full of procedures, and in such situations, what can be done to...