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Beauty Moves

What we do physically for exercise—as a habit—has a direct bearing on how well we move. If we spend our time doing little or nothing physically, we awkwardly lumber through doors and into desks, furniture, walls and other people. Not all of us are movers, but even the posturing of choosing not to be a mover is a subtle form of communication. By moving intentionally and habitually, we feel the heaviness in ourselves, so we are then free to unleash the Beauty in being human.

Sunny Murthy—The Well Dressed Student

“It's not about where you come from,” Sunny Murthy says, “it's about where you want to go.” Sunny Murthy is more than a student studying biochemistry at Virginia Tech. He’s an extraordinary young man who provides fashion advice to students through his popular blog The Well Dressed Student.

The launch of Sunny’s blog evolved from his...

Queen Anne Helpline Offers Hope

Social service organization narrows the gulf between Seattle’s affluent and the new working poor

Where have all the Man Buns gone?

My friend, Phyllis Korkki, Assignment Editor for the New York Times wrote an article “Spare a Hair Band? A Man Bun to Go”. Phyllis’s article ran a year ago but lately, the man bun phenomenon seems to have stalled.  In fact, the more we searched for man buns on the street, the fewer we found. My last...

Coming to America | Grandpa Joe Vaccarino from Sicily

Fleeing fascism and corruption in Sicily, Grandpa Joe Vaccarino entered the US through Ellis Island. He lived on Mott Street in New York's Little Italy. Back in the day, Grandpa Joe hung out on the street. He played kick-the-can and bocce ball. Eventually, he moved to the Bronx and later to Yonkers. He was a money lender, a spalloni, one of those who moves money.  A man of honor.  La Stessa Cosa. Today, he would simply be called a hedge...

What You Should Know About Hiring a PR Firm

9 Things Every Business Should Know About Hiring a PR Firm (But Were Afraid to Ask)  

Jobs:The Coming War!

One of my interns recently commented that she had observed “so many old people” working in places such as Fedex-Kinkos, Home Depot, and Rite Aid.  She wasn’t making a comment on the culture as being “old” as much as she was observing that many of these oldsters who are working are doing so because they have not saved enough for retirement.  Some companies prefer to hired older people because they bring a...

Tattoo-ing You

This past Saturday I was in a ballet class and noticed the tattoo on the dancer in front of me. Nicole had a large butterfly tattoo on her back. For me, this was a branding moment. I don’t know Nicole that well, but I do know that butterflies are so meaningful to her that she wants one on her back for the rest of her life.

According to a 2012 Harris Poll, one in five American adults has at least one tattoo, which is up...

Wealth + Health: Keeping it all in perspective

Is our net worth the best yardstick to measure how valuable we are to the world?

Jeanne Brutman Bakes Cookies by the Numbers

Jeanne’s  focus is the whole picture, not just about investments and insurance, but includes real estate, estate planning, and sometimes family planning.