Ballerina Julie Tobiason on True Beauty

Through my years as a performing artist, I have learned some important lessons about business, life, and beauty. Until I had children and began teaching, coaching, mentoring and lecturing, having the ability to inspire an audience by being in the performing arts has been my whole life. Being a dancer is much different from being in other art forms. If you are a sculptor or a painter, you are creating art on some other medium than on your own body.  As a performer, the creative work is set on you. You are the tool or the instrument of inspiration and it is a very vulnerable place to be. You get a true understanding of beauty and what it really means.

You might see the art of dance and see a certain perfection: being physically strong, toned, pretty or beautiful, but the true meaning of beauty is taking what is different about yourself and maybe not so perfect, feeling good about it and being able to share it with your audience in a way that has never been done before.

True beauty is more than physicality; it is energy and what you give to other people when you walk into a room, the same as when you walk onto a stage. You embrace who is there by emotionally engaging with people and forming a lasting connection.


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