Tim Girvin on Ambition

“So far, I’ve gone to great lengths to ‘get out there, and get in there,’ to explore first-hand renderings of culture, messaging and design style to comprehend my clients — and in a rudimentary mapping of journey, that’s taken me to Jakarta, Indonesia; Beijing, China; Tokyo and Osaka Kobe, Japan; Mexico City and Acapulco, Mexico; Paris and Provence, France; Calgary and Montreal, Canada; Paro, Bhutan, New Dehli, India; all four compass points of the US,  and dozens of other points in-between to find the heart and soul of the brand, the people that work on it, and the audiences their products serve. Point is — to know, you need to be there, to be — you need to walk that road.”  - Tim Girvin, Principal, Girvin, Inc., Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and Tokyo


Tim Girvin

Girvin is the founder of Girvin, Inc., one of the longest-running, continuously operating private brand consulting design firms on the west coast. Their focus is strategy, storytelling, messaging and visualization. Girvin's teams orchestrate developmental workshops on innovation, naming and product creation for companies all over the world. They look for heart, soul and culture. This focus has lead to ongoing projects in motion pictures and entertainment, technology, scientific innovation, consumer products, health, hospitality, foods, beverages, retail, beauty and luxury, as well as an ongoing commitment to the arts and humanitarian and cause-related marketing and positioning. 

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