August 2019 Magazine

Welcome to the August issue of our magazine The ConnectorIt’s hard to believe fifty years have passed since Woodstock rocked the world. Fifty years later, I still believe in Woodstock, but during these turbulent times, every day I ask myself: How will we get back to the garden?

Our featured library this month is the Doris Foley Library, a research library located in Nevada City, California. Research public libraries differ from other public libraries in that its materials cannot be checked out and can only be used on site at the library. This library’s trove of archive materials is a reflection of a historic community that was formed during the onset of the California Gold Rush in 1849.

John de Graaf’s brilliant article THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: THE PROMISE OF COHOUSING gives us a perspective on these vital communities that not only meet our basic needs, but also allow us to thrive.  John’s article focuses on Nevada City, California architect and entrepreneur Charles Durrett, who has designed 50 cohousing communities across America. Durrett describes his product as “the best of both worlds.”  John de Graaf, who has produced dozens of award-winning documentaries for PBS, is currently directing The Best of Both Worlds, a short film about co-housing.  –Patricia Vaccarino


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