Assessing Startup Risk


In their excitement to launch their new ventures, many entrepreneurs tend to minimize the level of risk involved with their startup. But for funders and investors, new-venture risk assessment is a critical part of the evaluation and decision-making processes. In my work with entrepreneurs seeking funding for their startups or early-stage ventures, I generally find that most have not adequately factored risk into their plans. However, from both a funding and an operational perspective, it is important to not just identify the risks, but to consider how they will be overcome or minimized.


Assessing and planning for the various risks a new venture might face increases the likelihood that these challenges can be overcome with little or no impact on the...

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From Miami and Moscow: Abylay Ospan, CEO NetUP, Inc.

Inventor, Master Developer and Entrepreneur

Abylay Ospan is CEO of NetUP, Inc., a Russian company that develops hardware and software.   He founded the company with his friends and colleagues—all tech guys who are passionate about writing software for the ISP market. As Russia integrates into using the Internet, the company is developing many new...

From Boston: Ain’t No (Bus) Stopping Us Now

Wanderu helps you follow your own path

As it is the home of the first American subway and other Revolutionary ideas, it may be no surprise that Boston is the home of what may well be the next revolutionary idea in transportation.

Wanderu allows travelers to search for and book bus and rail passages in an ever-growing portion of the planet on one quick and efficient site...

Digital Strategy for Startups

Tech startups are all the rage, with digitally powered demand-based services and cloud storage or cloud function initiatives also gathering a great deal of coverage in mainstream media.  Stories emanate out of the Silicon Valley, New York City’s Silicon Alley, Boston’s Rte 128 corridor, Austin, etc., appearing almost daily.  Those tend to be the nerve centers of tech startups, but many other startup business categories exist that are not...

With This App, When Your City Goes to the Dogs, It’s a Good Thing is coming to The site that started life two years ago as, an online list of local dog-friendly businesses, places and events, has been upgraded for national use. 

“The new site has advanced filtering,” says co-founder and web developer Jeannie North. “You can search by categories and geolocation on your mobile device and it will show you the dog-friendly businesses around you.”


Kathy McShane Shares Secrets to Success

Are women entrepreneurs different from their male counterparts? Do women need a different blueprint to achieve success in business? These critical business concepts and more are set forth in Kathy McShane’s newly released book The Survivor’s Guide for Female Entrepreneurs.

Kathy McShane, widely considered to be an Expert on Female Entrepreneurship, shares her secrets to success in The Survivor’s Guide for...