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Is Facebook Ready?

To date, Congress has been unable to determine a legislative path for dealing with Facebook and similar companies.

How Can Hate Speech, Conspiracy Theories, etc., be Banned on Social Media?

How Can Hate Speech, Conspiracy Theories, etc., be Banned on Social Media? The legal answer to that question depends on how the courts treat the status of social media providers. The political answer depends on who and what you want to ban? 

Digital Destiny


Writers deal with editorial calendars, topics for articles, subjects for thought pieces. We try to plan ahead, storing paragraphs, sentences, resources, interviews; or an idea to follow up on or expand upon, thinking it might add that special something to make an article that much better.

With Destiny as the topic, numerous thoughts came to mind. We had a cat by that name, because it was destiny that she came into...

Digital Strategy for Startups

Tech startups are all the rage, with digitally powered demand-based services and cloud storage or cloud function initiatives also gathering a great deal of coverage in mainstream media.  Stories emanate out of the Silicon Valley, New York City’s Silicon Alley, Boston’s Rte 128 corridor, Austin, etc., appearing almost daily.  Those tend to be the nerve centers of tech startups, but many other startup business categories exist that are not...

"Just The Way You Are"

From Medford, New Jersey

by Cindy Weinstein

There’s an unusual component to the traditional high school yearbook. Typically, there exist tributes, highlight reels, teacher, staff and student profiles, clubs, organizations, and sports categories. Also contained is a competitively odd feature casting graduating classmates into “Best” or  ”Most” roles. Personally, I never ‘got‘ this. My...