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Jim Janakievski’s grandfather came to North America from the former Yugoslavia. Born in Toronto, Canada, Jim  recalls summers he spent vacationing at a cottage in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, and going pike fishing with his father on Muskoka Bay. After he finished dental school at the University of Toronto, he did a hospital residency at Saint Clare’s Hospital, just outside of Albany, New York.

He practiced as a general dentist in Toronto for five years before he focused on bone regeneration and tooth replacement. Jim gave up general dentistry to take specialty training in Periodontics and an additional fellowship in Prosthodontics at the UW in Seattle. Jim then took a fulltime assistant professorship at the University of Washington, where he ran the specialty clinic. Jim is known for being a highly skilled surgeon, successfully treating and solving the most difficult and complex cases.

Jim Janakievski is also a world renowned expert in a relatively unknown dental surgery called tooth autotransplantation, where a tooth is moved from one site to another in the same patient’s mouth. The most common scenario for autotransplantation is when a tooth is lost at an early age. Most accidents causing children to lose their teeth happen when they are between 8 and 11 years old. Children are unable to undergo dental implant surgery until they’re done growing. Many parents do not want to see their children growing up without their front teeth, being subject to ridicule or embarrassment. For many, autotransplantation is the answer.

Jim and his wife Linda have two sons.  His passion for photography takes him and another colleague on annual photography trips. So far the two have traveled to Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, the Eastern Sierras, Death Valley, California and Iceland. Both dentists are considering donating their photos to a non-profit auction to raise funds for a medical cause or a clinic. 

Dr. Jim Janakievski has nearly 20 years experience as an exceptional dental surgeon, with expertise in Periodontics and Prosthodontics. He is a partner at Oral Health Specialists in the Tacoma, Washington that specializes in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. 

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