February 2024 Magazine

Our feature story this month, by Barbara Lloyd McMichael, is about John de Graaf's latest film that depicts Katharine Lee Bates, who wrote the lyrics for America the Beautiful. Yes, indeed, women are a force for good, and if you believe that, then please pass along this platform. #WomenBelieve. On an entirely different note, Art Gets a Free Ridedemonstrates how the rich use art to get richer. While we’re on the subject of wealth, please see Annie Searle’s Sanitizing Bad News that examines the elements of risk inherent in the structure of large corporations.

Unsung Hero: The Woman Behind America the Beautiful by Barbara Lloyd McMichael

The Woman Behind America the Beautiful is an unsung hero. The song was written first as a poem by Katharine Lee Bates, a young Wellesley College professor. Documentary filmmaker John de Graaf is researching Bates’ life as the topic for his next film project. He sees her work as a model from which we can learn.

#WomenBelieve by Patricia Vaccarino

As a Nonna, a writer, and a giver of life, I can help to make a better world that ultimately benefits all children. So, I came up with a list of simple beliefs that #Women Believe.

Art Gets a Free Ride by  Patricia Vaccarino

My latest novel about an artist depicts Arcis, an artport for art storage. The mission of Arcis goes beyond storing and caring for valuable art. Arcis is a tax haven that shields mega high-net-worth art collectors from having to pay taxes (sales tax to the city of New York and duty to U.S. Customs). 

Annie Searle’s Sanitizing Bad News examines the elements of risk inherent in the structure of large corporations like Wells Fargo, Boeing, Theranos, and JPMorgan Chase.  

Robin Lindley Interviews Director Lynn Novick and Senior Producer Sarah Botstein on the Hemingway Documentarythat they made in conjunction with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.  

In Global Governance Now, Dr. Peter Corning proposes a plan for major changes/improvements to existing U.N. institutions and for the creation of two new U.N. agencies, a Global Infrastructure Fund (GIF) and a Global Emergency Management Agency (GEM), along with expanded roles for the World Bank and for INTERPOL. 

Trump’s Personality Will Deliver a Perilous Second Term for Everyone by Nick Licata 

The institutional chaos that Trump provokes will either splinter the Republican Party, or it will continue to transform it into the MAGA Party. All Americans, whether Democrats, Republicans, or independents, could find themselves living in a republic that is subject to grave danger.




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