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Gregg Bertram M.A., J.D., one of the most experienced and successful mediators in the U.S. He is the founder and CEO of Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC, a Pacific Northwest mediation and arbitration service provider.  In 2015, Gregg Bertram foundedPacific ADR Consulting, LLC, a Northwest mediation and arbitration service provider.  Gregg and Pacific ADR's panelists mediate and/or arbitrate in every area of civil litigation and at the highest professional level. The company is known for the high quality of its panel members, who are well prepared and bring sharp focus, experience and authentic neutrality to every case.

Mediations are dramatic events for everyone involved. A good mediator has to bring energy to the team and maintain a measure of equanimity to the concerns of both parties.  The only way a mediator can function is if the mediator is trusted. This is why Pacific’s ADR’s mission to be True Neutralis at the core of their business. Pacific ADR mediators/arbitrators always operate from a position of trust where all of the parties—clientele and lawyers—are heard.              

Pacific ADR panelists are committed to seeking creative solutions, providing personalized attention and maintaining privacy for their clientele. Mediation is a personal and private solution that circumvents public scrutiny and the disclosure of information about a company or individual that is best kept closely held and confidential. Pacific ADR mediators/arbitrators are persistent about achieving a resolution and always follow-up with their clientele. 

The primary industries served by Pacific ADR include Employment/Human Resources (HR), Healthcare, Insurance and Real Estate.  Related business issues that require mediation and arbitration encompass contract disputes, employment disputes, and product liability. Pacific ADR also mediates and arbitrates cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, and other professional negligence, including legal and accounting malpractice cases. Although Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC, is based in Seattle, its CEO Gregg Bertram and other Pacific ADR panel members work throughout the Pacific Northwest.  For more information, please see


Benefits of Mediation

Conflict will always be with us—that’s a fact of life. When you’re embroiled in conflict, it’s easy to be consumed by emotion that’s disproportionate to the actual dispute. Mediation helps people, businesses, organizations and governmental entities to resolve conflict. Emotions almost always cloud judgment.  One of the challenges of the mediator is to reduce the emotional volatility of the parties so everyone stays on the path to resolution. Parties who agree to mediation are able to take ownership of the conflict and are able to gain greater peace of mind.

Aside from the parties having the advantage of a private mediation forum, as well as the benefit of saving time and money, mediations can be scheduled much sooner than trial or arbitration dates. If time is an important factor, then mediation offers a speedy resolution of conflict. With mediation, it is also possible to create remedies that are innovative and not available in litigation or arbitration. The preservation of business or personal relationships has a better chance of succeeding through mediation than it would by engaging in litigation or arbitration. 

There are many benefits of mediation including:

  • The active participation of both parties gives them control over the outcome
  • Both parties retain responsibility for the outcome   
  • Mediation has the potential of avoiding the time and expense that is associated with trial and arbitration
  • Privacy is really important. Trials are public. Mediations are private 
  • Greater value is created for the parties when compared to other options such as trials and arbitration
  • Mediation saves time, money and minimizes emotional distress





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