Outstanding Teacher Kolby Campbell

Outstanding Teacher Kolby Campbell

Contributed by Rebecca Fredrickson, Ed.D.

Kolby Campbell is currently the Theatre Director at the Creekview High School

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD in Carrollton, Texas.  He graduated in May 2016 from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and a minor in Teacher Education. I was fortunate to be his supervisor for his student teaching and had the opportunity to watch him grow from a good teacher to an outstanding educator.

While working with middle school students during his student teaching semester, Mr. Campbell took time to learn the strengths of each student and tailored his instruction to build upon those strengths. As a first-year teacher, he surveyed his students and discovered they really wanted experience doing a musical. Mr. Campbell directed High School Musical, Jr., where he included second-language learners and students receiving special education services — students who may not have been considered for cast positions in the past.

He also spent time working with his students on growing as performers. He directed his students in UIL competition with the play Step on a Crack, which stretched them both creatively and academically. They received first place overall for their production, Best Actress, and two cast members were named to the All-Star Cast.

Due to his reputation as a teacher, Mr. Campbell was offered a leading theatre director position at Creekview High School — a large undertaking for a second-year teacher, but Mr. Campbell has surpassed expectations. He has been asked to serve as International Director of the Thespian Society, and has directed High School Musical, working with Dallas Summer Musical judges to help his students grow as performers and enhance his own growth as a director. Mr. Campbell is an outstanding educator who makes a difference for his students every day!

Rebecca Fredrickson, Ed.D.
is Associate Professor & Certification Testing Coordinator, Teacher Education, Curriculum & Instruction
at Texas Woman's University.



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