How Women Are Conquering The Business World


Women’s rights have progressed so much in the past century and it’s amazing to see how they’re changing the world through entrepreneurship and founding new businesses!

They’re bringing new ideas and perspectives to our world, and so many are succeeding in their visions! However, while women are launching more and more startups each year, annually they are still only receiving a small portion of investment capital. Here are five sources where women looking to launch a startup or grow their business can look for funding:

  1. Small Business Development Centers (SBDC): Like Women’s Business Centers, SBDCs are also affiliated with the SBA. These agencies are located all over the country and work with you to develop your startup idea and to find local investors who are willing to provide grant funding in your nearest location.
  2. GrantsForWomen: The website provides a comprehensive listing of legitimate grants and scholarships available to women in the United States. The lists are regularly updated and cover a broad range of topics, not just startup funding.
  3. Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant: This business grant is very similar to the InnovateHER annual challenge as it is another competition for grant funding. The only difference is this competition requires women to have current businesses already running for a minimum of 3 years. If you fall under this category, you have the opportunity of earning $100,000 for your business venture.
  4. 37 Angels Grant: 37 Angels offer as much as $150,000 to women-owned companies should they be chosen for the grant. They recognize the inequality given to women entrepreneurs in starting a company, especially with regards to loans. As the business grows, 37 Angels can also be a great source of investment capital.
  5. Belle Capital Grants: Belle Capital offers several business grants for women, depending on the purpose of your company. The group can also be a source for later-stage investment capital too.



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