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A mouth-watering Thanksgiving Feast!


Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson has been cooking incredible meals on the land and on the sea for over 25 years. As a professional chef who has made her career as a private personal chef in the luxury field, we are truly grateful to have her tips for making a memorable, mouth-watering Thanksgiving feast!

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Beauty from an AARP Perspective

When I was young, so they tell me, I was a knock-out. I never had to worry about Saturday night dates; I had multiple offers. Frankly, it was a lot of fun being a good-looking girl. 

I am now 76 and although not unattractive for my age, have subsided into being one of those ladies who is offered a seat on the subway. The first time was a terrible shock. I thought, “Gee, I looked good to myself in the mirror before I left the...

Tied Up! Blame it on Beau Brummel

If a high, tight collar and a necktie feel like a self-knotted noose, curse the ghost of Beau Brummel, the influential English fashion maven of the Regency Period (just after the American War of Independence, if you’re not sure).

On the other hand, thank Beau Brummel for having consigned knee-pants with high stockings, and brocaded jackets with plumed hats to the movie studios’ wardrobe departments.

Beau Brummel...

From Medford, N.J. -- Beauty’s Edge

Days had passed since I felt myself at the precipice of shutting down and complete invisibility. Darkness replete with questions unanswered, nay questions obscured, and perceived resolutions painstakingly distant, left me dulled to the point of paralysis. Initially, an inner call to reach out to my community and return to the inner breath and fire of a lapsed yoga practice had me slowly rising from the abyss. Finally, I arrived at a place...

From Denver: It All Started in a Barn

Debbie Dygert, who hails from Kansas and whose family used to summer on their ranch in Toponas, Colorado, met her husband, Andy, who comes from upstate New York, in Colorado. When the two of them got married, they took a job as caretakers of a 300 plus acre ranch in Northwest Colorado located near the Moonhill one room schoolhouse, which is still in use, minutes from Clark’s general store and the village of Hahn’s Peak. They both love the...

Jay Calderin, Author, Designer and Leader in Boston’s Fashion scene at the School of Fashion Design

Boston’s Newbury Street, dotted with art galleries, fine eateries and eclectic shops, provides the perfect setting for the region’s only educational institution devoted entirely to fashion, The School of Fashion Design. The windows draw spectators with themes that range from popular culture to classy throw-backs. Jay Calderin, fashion author, designer and instructor at the school, is a fashion icon himself as he’s the founder of Boston’s...