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A mouth-watering Thanksgiving Feast!


Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson has been cooking incredible meals on the land and on the sea for over 25 years. As a professional chef who has made her career as a private personal chef in the luxury field, we are truly grateful to have her tips for making a memorable, mouth-watering Thanksgiving feast!

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Babies with pre-natal drug exposure get special care

   In the 1980s, Barbara Drennen was a foster mother who specialized in caring for premature newborns in Kent, Washington. One day, she was assigned a baby who had been prenatally exposed to drugs. “The baby came to me on oxygen, then had to be readmitted to the hospital, then came back to me on a ventilator.”

   To give this medically fragile infant the attention it needed, Drennen converted the lower part of her house into a 24...

‘Traditional’ Marriage – Since When?

‘Traditional’ Marriage – Since When? By Esther Jones

Biblical marriage, goes the argument, has historically been one man and one woman. To allow gays their civil rights would obviously be akin to allowing polygamy. Everyone knows what The Bible has to say about that.

Or do they?

Exodus 21:10 states that if a man marries a new wife, he must ensure that he continues to care for the first....

Dr. Jim Janakievski to speak at First Congress on Tooth Transplantation May 2016


Dr. Jim Janakievski has been invited to speak at the International First Congress on Tooth Transplantation May 20 -22 2016 in Sopot, Poland. Tooth transplantation experts from all over the world have been invited to attend.  Dr. Janakievski has the distinct honor of being the only US representative who has been invited to give a presentation.

Tooth transplantation, also known as Autogenous tooth...

Is the Facelift dead?


It’s no secret that nonsurgical anti-aging treatments have become so effective that it begs the question: Has the facelift become obsolete? 

Non-surgical procedures such as injections of Botox and dermal fillers account for the vast number of cosmetic procedures that I have performed in the last few years, and these numbers are increasing.  This trend is likely to continue and is much more than a stop gap in between...

Facebook Envy


My brother had a milestone birthday in December. I struggled with what to get him because, truly, what do you get for someone who already has it all or can get it all? I decided to throw him a surprise “pre-milestone” party and, as a gift, a “memory book.” I asked his closest friends to send me pictures and stories of their favorite memories with my brother. I compiled them into this scrapbook to give him at the party.