Mary Beth Johnson, CEPC, CCC

Mary Beth Lawton Johnson, CEPC, CCC

Certified Chef de Cuisine, Certified Executive Pastry Chef, Culinary Designer

"Chef Mary Beth creates delicious and elegant culinary works of art that should be in a museum, as described by E. Oppenheim. She is a professional chef who has made her career as a private personal chef in the luxury field for over 25 years. Chef Johnson is the recipient of numerous culinary and visionary awards in her field and is often in the media for her expertise as well as appearing on television and she is an author  to writing for major media publications.

Pebble Beach, California

Phone: 831-229-6068   
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Chef Johnson's inspiration in her culinary designs stem from her surroundings. Her career for the past 25 years for the upscale luxury market has centered around travel, and her clients luxury lifestyle, implementing based upon need, medically necessary diets for those whose lifestyle has taken a toll on their health. Some of her specialities include Celiac, Gluten Free, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Healthy to Additive and Allergy Free Diets. Her clients are some of the most wealthy in the world to include celebrities and CEO's.

Originally, Mary Beth hailed from South Carolina and still misses the charm of the south but now spends most of her time between California and Palm Beach. Her culinary education is vast as well as her expertise. She is a noted authority in her field, guest chef speaker,  and has appeared in many media outlets to include TV, digital, online to magazines to name a few as well as her culinary acheivement awards.  Her occupation as a super yacht chef and premier luxury estate chef is the core of her profession while introducing wellness into her clients diets.

Her first love besides being a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and Certified Chef De Cuisine is animals. " I adore all animals and will have a cake hit the windshield while braking for a helpless animal."  "I'm the kind of person who carries cat and dog food in my trunk just in case I run into one that needs help. I should have been a veterinarian.

Her motto which landed her on the Womens Advantage Calendar beating out over 5000 women is "If you think you have gone far enough to get the job done, you have not even begun to start" is what she lives by on a daily basis.

Currently she is a well known author contributing to a nautical publication for over 7 years and also glossy table publications as a chef. She is currently working on several media projects for future release.


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Professional Information

Company Name:
Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson, ccc, cepc
Experience Area:
Culinary Arts, Medically Necessary, Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness
Chef Johnson is a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and Certified Chef de Cuisine through the American Culinary Federation and a member of the World Association of Chef's Societies and DEMA. Recent Appearances Include: Food Network, "Chopped" 2010, PBS, local TV stations, to national radio appearances. Named as National Ad campaign Chef for the AAO, "Feast Your Eyes on This" appearances in Good Housekeeping, Caribbean Travel and Life, Power and Motor Yacht, Showboats Magazine, Upscale Living, The Triton, Bacon Freak, AP media, Sizzle to online and print. Named to Top 25 Women in Nation with Moxie by Life! Enterprises. Chopin Vodka CEO Martini Award Recipient for Mediterranean Fare, Bottoms Up. Guest Chef Speaker for Rel Maples Culinary Institute 2004 to present. Guest Chef Speaker for 50th and 51st Annual Ft. Lauderdale International Yacht/Boat Show. Guest Chef Speaker for International Super Yacht Society, USA Super Yacht Society and Marine Industries Association. Author, Columnist, Photographer CEO Founder of Aunt B Secret Stuff, The Chefs as well as
CCC, CEPC, American Culinary Federation
English, Italian