Jeffrey Gurian, the amazing pundit of the Comedy World!

Comedy Writer, Comic, Producer, Host, and Author, Jeffrey Gurian is now a regular contributor to PR for People. His column that takes a look behind the scenes in the world of comedy will now be a regular feature.

In case you didn’t know, his new book “Man Robs Bank With His Chin - And Other Unusual Stories Missed By Mainstream Media” is the top pick for America’s elite comedians.  The foreword was written by Scott Dikkers, who created The Onion.”

Gurian’s book “Laughing Legends,” with an intro by Chris Rock, was re-released last summer.  It takes a lot of energy to stay funny and keep us laughing. How does Jeffrey maintain his stamina? It’s easy to say that no matter what’s happening in the world around us, laughter is the best medicine and can be infectious! All the more reason why you should check out his show Comedy Matters TV on You Tube.


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