So Not Yonkers is the third book in the Yonkers trilogy

So Not Yonkers by Patricia Vaccarino has been released. Ms. Vaccarino’s controversial coming-of-age novels take us on a dark journey encountering racism, sexual harassment, abortion, child abuse, homophobia, mental illness, organized crime, violence, death, lost love and lost friendship among the working class and poor in Yonkers. So Not Yonkers is the third book in her Yonkers trilogy.

Author and journalist Manny Frishberg said, “So Not Yonkers offers watercolor word portraits of a small city in decline, as seen through the eyes of a wiser-than-her-years protagonist, combined with the grit of a Martin Scorsese mobster movie.

Published by small imprint Modus Operandi Books, So Not Yonkers was never sent to literary agents or publishers for consideration. According to Patricia Vaccarino, “The story did not fit the current needs of either agents, publishers or literary pundits.”     

So Not Yonkers won a 2023 Firebird Book Award for Literary Fiction.

So Not Yonkers is a crossover to both Young Adult and Adult historical literary fiction. The two prior books in the Yonkers trilogy are The Heart of Yonkers (2020)  and YONKERS Yonkers!: A Story of Race and Redemption (2018). Although many characters return in this third book, So Not Yonkershas been written as a standalone work of historical literary fiction. 

So Not Yonkers is available on Amazon and is being distributed by Ingram to bookstores and libraries. 


Publication Date: May, 2023

Modus Operandi Books New York  

ISBN Print: 978-1-7365462-3-9

ISBN EPub: 978-1-7365462-4-6


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