Dancing to the Beat of One Drum by Patricia Vaccarino If you ask Sabrina Blais how she got to Ghana, plan on learning about an unexpected odyssey attesting to life’s curiosities. She knew little about the Ghanaian culture and even less about the small nation’s history or the role that it played in West Africa. 

Tribute to Linda Jay - March 22 1939 to October 22 2022 Linda Jay was an editor and writer who described herself as being “completely in love with words.” She started her career writing advertising copy in the Trade Book Department of Little, Brown Publishers during the early 1960s. Through the years, she wrote all of those things a writer writes to make a living. Articles, professional profiles of people, marketing copy, website content, blog posts, she wrote it all, but her true strength lay in her editing expertise. 

Barbara Lloyd McMichael writes about Carousels: the whirl of the holidays Recently carousels have begun to see a comeback. They’re popping up in communities large and small, and as we reflect on the major ups and downs that we’ve all faced over the past couple of years, perhaps this is a good moment to turn our attention at least briefly to the promising outlook offered by this classic leisure-time diversion.

Tales From The Golden Age of Radio Linda Jay writes about her parents, Verne and Helen Jay, who were iconic writers for radio shows “The Shadow,” “Mr. and Mrs. North,” “Famous Jury Trials,” and “Grand Central Station” during the Golden Age of Radio.

Linda Jay thought that George Gershwin’s music told the story of her life. Her article The Magical kaleidoscope feels like the color of Gershwin’s music. 

The unspoken label for a growing political movement is "Reactionary" by Nick Licata. Lots of labels are thrown around to define or tag political opponents. Proponents embrace other labels as a badge of honor. And a few labels are so controversial, like Christian Nationalist or Communist, that even those in sympathy with those beliefs shy away from them. However, the label reactionary is missing in the current political vocabulary. 

A Return to Bedford Falls by E.G. Singer In the opening scenes of the movie, actor, James Stewart, portrays a young character named George Bailey, a “poor” everyman, constantly being challenged by life’s unforeseen circumstances and the resulting disappointments that occur. We see his hopes and dreams dissolve before his very eyes, and ours.

Book Review: Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather Willa Cather conjures New Mexico as a dream that turns out to be true. This tender book shows us what love is without ever once mentioning the word love. -Patricia Vaccarino


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