Celebrate Stewart Udall’s Legacy: Bring this film to your community today!

John de Graaf’s documentary The Politics of Beauty captures Stewart Udall’s enduring legacy of environmental justice. Udall served as the Secretary of the Interior during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations. Many of the environmental protection laws that are in place today are the result of his hard work. He was able to bring together people from all political factions and all walks of life to implement the common good. He left behind a legacy of politics centered on beauty and a deep, abiding appreciation of nature and stewardship. Stewart Udall embodies what it means to be a true public servant. Let us follow his good example!

The Politics of Beauty will be shown at a number of venues around the country. Check here for a location near you. Special screenings can also be scheduled. Bring this film to your community today!

For a preview of Stewart Udall and Politics of Beauty, click here.


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