N2 Cracks the Code to Develop a ‘Super Grid’

From New York City

N2 Global Solutions, Inc., a New York-based technology company, has developed “the first integrated wireless network” of its kind—an Internal ‘Super Grid’ that retro fits into a building’s existing electrical junction boxes. The grid replaces the current, antiquated wall outlet, light switch, and light fixture components that universally convert existing electrical systems into advanced communications and control networks.

 “The N2 Internal Super Grid is the foundation of this exciting, new agnostic program that will allow users to manage a building’s infrastructure through a unique, wireless sensor network which makes smart products even smarter,” according to Chairman Paul Amelio.

N2 Global Solutions, Inc., is part of the Innovation Network sponsored by New York City Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN) which unites, empowers and makes sustainable the unique innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in NYC and the surrounding region.

N2’s Super Grid Innovation is “the first integrated wireless network” of its kind— with modules that retro fit into a building’s existing electrical junction boxes.

“N2 is an Innovation Node and an alliance has been formed in which N2 components will be 3rd party lab, alpha and beta tested at NYU Tandon School of Engineering prior to becoming a customer—this includes Con Edison which sits on the N2 advisory board as an observer to N2 technology growth,” says David Katz, COO.

According to some academicians, N2 has “cracked the code” by developing a system which will lead to the architecture for the platform to the Internet of Things (IoT). N2’s patented technology goes well beyond anything that is currently on the market and provides dramatic energy savings and cost-efficient and user-friendly applications through several of its patent pending products.


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