A true business success story, brothers Danny and Corey Fein’s Litographs ( is a great example of how Kickstarter, a website where anyone can create a proposed project and ask for public funding, are making dreams into reality. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fein’s original idea was simple: designing prints of famous literature by using the original text to make up the image.

Fein’s original Kickstarter campaign was launched in December 2012 and was successfully funded with over $100,000 in 29 days! (He was originally trying to raise $15,000).

Starting with the classics such as The Great Gatsby, Alice’s Adventures Underground and On the Origin of Species, bookophiles all over the world can purchase a poster print of a beloved book in up to three different sizes and a range of different color schemes. A visual literary mind puzzle, the designs are inspiring and stimulating as you can still read the book from beginning to end! (Depending on which size and type of item ordered). 

That is only the beginning! Since being successfully funded, Litographs has expanded to include t-shirts, tote bags, and gallery wrapped canvas prints to express the love of the written word. Litographs range of book titles has been steadily expanding as well, including children’s, classic, fiction and non-fiction literature pieces, ensuring there is something for anyone who loves to read. Artists from all over the world create the designs with new prints being released every month.

Perhaps best of all, Litographs is partnered with the charity International Book Bank. For each item sold, one book is purchased and donated to a community in need around the globe. By helping spread the love of books and continuing the necessity of literacy, Litographs seeks to inspire and culture the love of literature to make sure that no one will ever be without a good book!


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