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Entertainment Spotlight on Artistnameleon

Singer/songwriter and recording artist born and raised in Valdosta, GA based in NYC.

From Denver - Megan’s Hallelujah


Joy is not so cut and dry as bliss.

Meet Megan Hemmerbeck, a 24 year-old, classically trained pianist and opera singer, a woman of considerable preternatural talent which she has honed over dedicated decades, culminating in a Bachelors of Music degree from the University of Denver. She plays 7 instruments (one of which, the guitar, she learned out of sheer spite, because her then-boyfriend told her she wouldn't be...

From Tampa Florida - Connecting Through Music

By 1999, I had spent almost two decades as a manufacturer’s representative in the lawn & garden and hardware industry. It taught me many aspects of marketing and design in terms of packaging and promotion. It was then that I was going through a divorce from a 29-year marriage, which was the start of an early on-depression. In the following three years, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, my dad attempted suicide over the thought of...

Up and Down the Dial

DJ and entertainment journalist Eric Holland makes his own musical path

Inspired by his parents’ record collection, and local DJs in and around his native Boston, Eric Holland had a feeling early on that he was going to do something in the music world. As his hometown’s eponymous band so famously sang, it soon became more than a feeling.

“Music turns me on,” Holland explains. “It always has....