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BOOKS: By Barbara Lloyd McMichael

How to take part in the energy revolution

Powering Forward – Bill Ritter, Jr.

Fulcrum – 304 pp - $17.95

 A decade ago, former vice president Al Gore captured the public’s attention with “An Inconvenient Truth,” a multi-formatted argument about the impact of global climate change. Since then, many of Gore’s predictions about global warming have manifested at an alarming rate, but the change he was urging in human behavior has been slower to come around.

Now another former politician has...

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The Mars Effect

Meet Mars, a graffiti artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, who shares his process for using recycled glass to make amazing art!

A Penny For Your Thoughts

With all that is going on in the world, on the chaotic political front, it’s time to take a look at the bigger picture, and to think about all of those small miracles that happen every day of our lives. In this article, we explore the form of energy that is far greater than any one of us. We take a look at the energy that is generated by people.  

After coal: recreating a local economy

   For more than a century, the town of Centralia in southwestern Washington has largely depended on extractive industries for its economy. Logging and coal mining typically provided jobs that paid pretty well. But the forestry industry took a big hit back in 1981 when Mt. St. Helens erupted, and then the coal mine just outside of town closed in 2006.

The Energy Burden

Living in a vastly developed world means society tends to necessitate efficiency. Achieving efficiency comes at the expense of using incredible amounts of energy to support globalization and its processes. Saving the planet by buying a new Prius for your daily commute? Don’t forget that nickel and copper are mined, refined in factories, and put into the cars in Japan to be sent across the world in enormous cargo ships.

Long Distance Driving

Given the focus on energy for this article, the topic that comes to mind is long-distance endurance driving.