May is Our Do Gooder Issue

There is no such thing as a good war, but some wars are more noble than others. This month Carl Larson writes about his experience providing defense support for Ukraine. Larson is also the Co-founder and President of the nonprofit organization Ukraine Defense Support (UDS) that provides non-lethal support aid to this war-ravaged nation. This month Barbara Lloyd McMichael writes about Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Ed.D, who is an advocate for literacy and the host of a YouTube program called Talking Books with Tanisha. Patricia Vaccarino writes about her grandmother Katherine Sheedy and St. Mary’s Church (Yonkers, NY) in The Third Candle.

Ukraine Defense Support: Saving Ukranian Lives by Carl Larson

Carl Larson is a U.S. Army Iraq War veteran, and a former International Legion soldier in Ukraine. He writes about his experience, boots on the ground, in Ukraine and why he founded the national nonprofit organization Ukraine Defense Support.

Books as Windows and Mirrors by Barbara Lloyd McMichael

Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Ed.D is a fearless advocate for literacy and the freedom to read what you want, with a particular lens on books that affirm identity and reflect representation.

UNITE OR DIE: Global Governance and a New Social Contract For Our Endangered Species is the first essay in a five-part series by Dr. Peter Corning.

Patricia Vaccarino writes about her grandmother Katherine Sheedy and St. Mary’s Church (Yonkers, NY) in The Third Candle, a new essay in the collection NOTES FROM THE WORKING CLASS.

The Hidden Story Behind America The Beautiful by John de Graaf

America the Beautiful is America’s most popular anthem. But you may not be aware of the hidden history behind the song and the remarkable story of the feminist, suffragist, teacher, social reformer and lover of nature and beauty who wrote it. We need your help to make a new and important film!

The Digital Era Will Prompt Revolutions by Nick J. Licata

Will great powers fall again due to the greater information flow in the new digital media era?

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Book Three So Not Yonkers, in The Yonkers Trilogy, is about money.



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