Outstanding Teacher Catherine Soto

Outstanding Teacher Catherine Soto

Catherine Soto is 4th grade Bilingual Teacher at Rucker Elementary School In Prosper, Texas.

Contributed by Sarah K. McMahan, Ph.D.

Catherine Soto graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and currently is in her fourth year of teaching in Prosper ISD. Most notably, Mrs. Soto was a named Teacher of the Year for Rucker Elementary during her first year of teaching. Since that time, she has continued to grow as a teacher leader on her campus.

Mrs. Soto is the consummate professional educator who goes above and beyond to inspire, challenge and change students’ lives. She not only nurtures children’s social and emotional development, but also employs sound high-leverage teaching practices that foster their academic growth. Her commitment to meeting every student’s need is demonstrated in her service to the school and community. Mrs. Soto serves on campus-based committees and in the community, believing that nurturing students happens outside the classroom as well. She is the teacher who goes to students’ performances without being asked. Her willingness to participate in more than is required as a teacher is a testament to her commitment to the profession.

Parents, students and community members know that Mrs. Soto is a gem, which results in many parent requests for her to be their child's teacher. In fact, she is such a sound teacher who sparks a love of learning in her students that parents ask upper administration to move her up to the next grade level with their child.

In all my years as a teacher and scholar in teacher education, I have witnessed only a few teachers who have the distinguished skills of a top teacher in only a short amount of years in the profession. Catherine Soto is one of those teachers.


Sarah K. McMahan, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor College of Professional Education at Texas Woman’s University.


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