In the Belly of the Whale


Why bother to hire a P.R firm when you can do it yourself? Would you extract your own teeth, perform surgery on your own brain, or represent yourself pro se in a court of law?  Okay, maybe you think P.R. is something easy that anyone can do, but it’s not true. In the age of trolls, flamers and bullies, you will end up being swallowed by a big flopping fish. Floundering? It’s warm down there in the belly of the whale. Dark too.  You think you’re going somewhere but you’re not. Why stay there and drown when you could be swimming upstream?

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How to be a thought leader or look just like one

Want to be a thought leader?  No disrespect intended, but you actually have to think like a thought leader!  You can’t just go into Linked-In and nab someone’s summer reading list and make it your own.  You have to read vast volumes of books and articulate strong key concepts in your own words. To be a thought leader, you really have to do your own thinking!

Research your expertise. Be more than...

5 tips for doing PR Like a Viking

Before jumping into battle, what’s your strategy? 

Dean Landsman on Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy encompasses many things: planning, tactics, metadata.  We can speak of algorithms, of search, connectivity. But none of that addresses a critical truth: the internet is a visual medium — visual, as in graphics, pictures, charts, illustrations, artwork, infographics, animation. There’s even a bona fide digital era category, CGI — computer-generated imagery. 

Strategic digital actions are wisely taken when using...

How to Persevere When Making a Career Change

The career change process takes time.  Fulfillment and the achievement of your goals doesn't happen overnight. Changing a career is a wonderful thing, if done correctly.  It affects every part of your life.  It involves having trust and taking steps. Get in motion.  Action leads to action.  Build momentum.  Steadiness of effort is the key. Set realistic goals related to your values, and since most things take...

On a Note of Hope: Mexican Entrepreneur and Opera Tenor Starts Over in the U.S.

Juan Miguel Lopez was a successful entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs in Mexico. He owned a bar, a nightclub and two restaurants in Leon, Guanajuato State. He was also an opera tenor, director of art conservation programs, and a TV show host supporting the preservation of Mexican traditions.

Then 9/11 happened. After the terrorist attacks on the United States, the U.S. tightened trade restrictions on many countries,...