April 2020 Magazine

Master Photographer William Lulow

In a short span of time, the Covid-19 Pandemic has swept the country. The death toll mounts with each passing day. There is a realistic threat of economic collapse, not only for America, but also for the entire world. During this time of great crisis, we have inadequate leadership in the White House. Early intervention by the White House would have contained the rapid transmission of Covid-19 in the United States. This past January and February, the President failed to heed the warning of health and medical experts, as well as “intelligence” reports. His incompetence is not only an egregious breach of faith, but it will cost the loss of many American lives and our nation’s economic well-being. 

During this grave time in American History, we must rally together and take care of one another. It’s challenging to carry on like everything is normal, but we must continue to be productive and innovative by contributing to our community, in large ways and in small. During this hour of crisis, we must be the best we can be. Even when darkness is falling all around us, we can still stay focused on seeing the light ahead. 

One way to capture our lives and the lives of those whom we love is by using the magic of photography. We can all take photos with our phones, but having the skill and talent to take superb photos is quite another aspect of learning the art of photography. This month, we profile Master Photographer William Lulow. To learn more about the story of “Bill” Lulow life and career, please see our feature article or listen to his podcast. It is such a great time to feature Bill Lulow’s work because he also regularly posts on his blog, offering helpful tips and tricks of the trade, so we can all become better amateur photographers! 

And it just so happens that our featured library profile this month is written by Bill Lulow. He writes about his beloved library, the Chappaqua Library, that is located not far from his home in Chappaqua, New York. While many libraries and bookstores are shut during the pandemic, we can still take the time to browse our own bookshelves for books we have always wanted to read, but until now, have not had the time. Books can also be ordered online from Amazon as well as from independent bookstores in your own community.   Take care!!! Stay safe!!!          

                                                                                    –Patricia Vaccarino


Patricia Vaccarino

Patricia Vaccarino is an accomplished writer who has written award-winning film scripts, press materials, articles, essays, speeches, web content, marketing collateral, and eight books.

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