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Nothing is considered too good for you, your family, and perhaps your guests.  From the designer fabric and furniture, to the designer clothes, down to the chef-inspired designed food, all play a part in the makeup and personality of your entertaining. But what about the one thing we always put into our body that keeps us going? I’m speaking about the designer water.

Have you really paid attention to what you are pouring down your throats and into your body? Consumers spend an incredible amount of money on the bottled stuff. You can’t go into a store and not see hundreds of different plastic bottles filling the shelves. So how do you know what is the best water for your needs? Do you require natural spring water? Water with electrolytes in it? Hydrating water? Water that is PH balanced. Alkaline water? Carbonated water or plain tap water? Just how much of this is garbage and how much is real? At the end of this article is some of the worlds top bottled water, preferred by gourmands. Just remember water replenishes every sequence of the body and our bodies are controlled by electrolytes. Some of the main minerals that are in electrolytes are magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, most of which are found in mineral water. There is specific electrolyte replacement packs and water on the market if your body needs more but usually mineral water contains all a body needs

As we breathe, sweat, digest food, we lose water and every cell in our body uses water to maintain temperature, bodily functions and simply to live, so it is important to drink as much water as we can. It protects your tissues, spinal cord and joints and helps remove wastes.

What are you looking for when purchasing water? For one, you want it to come from an artesian well, or natural bottled water source. The more natural without hands in it, chemicals, additives, the better. Artesian well water uses sandstone or other stone as the aquifer, which is a natural filter.

Mineral water contains no more than 250 parts per million of dissolved solids, trace elements and minerals. No other minerals can be added in addition to what is there. Usually this type of water contains magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Spring water comes from an underground source and is collected at the spring source or by a tapping system.

Sparkling waters contains carbon dioxide naturally but some manufacturers add it back in after processing.

Don’t buy water from municipal sources, city sources or water labeled as distilled water, purified water. It is the same as your tap water. Tap water is disinfected to protect us from bacteria and toxins. With disinfecting comes DBP or disinfectant by products which can interact with organic matter causing havoc in our systems. Plus the quality is not there. Also pay attention to the label. Where does it come from? Is it in a bottle labeled with a warning containing BPA or is it a bottle labeled PET which has been considered safe.

For your needs it depends on what you prefer. Pure water has a ph level of 7. Alkaline water has a higher ph of 8 or 9. Some experts say that this type of water diminishes the acidosis in the body. There is no proof that it does but because it contains minerals that can accumulate in the body, someone with kidney disease might not want to drink it. Athletes, however, are looking to stay hydrated in their cardiovascular system, or are looking to decrease urine output and blood osmolality. High plasma osmolality is associated with stroke. A diet high in fresh vegetables will result in high alkalinity gradually.

So to sum it up, it appears that water high in minerals contains electrolytes that aid our body in every aspect, and also to obtain the water from an artesian well is far better than other processed sources. Now it comes down to taste. Here are some of the finest waters in the world. It really boils down to taste. Have a water tasting event onboard so that the crew can find a water that suits them and have plenty of varied water onboard for the owners and guests so that they have a choice.

Fiji Water is found in every store all over the world. Who doesn’t drink this bottled water? It has electrolytes in it to start. It is  tropical rain that is filtered in artisanal wells made of volcanic rock, deep beneath the surface which is sheltered from outside interference.  It is bottled at the source and is never touched by human hands.

Sole, found at the base of the Italian Alps in Nouvlento, is low in sodium and founded in 1896.

Vittel, hailing from the same named thermal spa town in France, Vittel, is the official water of the tour de France, and a favorite among athletes. It is reported to be a mineral rich water due to the rock strata and sandstone the spring flows over.

Waianae: the name is Hawaiian. This water hails from the snow capped peaks of  Mauna Loa which runs over lava rock, full of electrolytes, is alkaline, giving it the sweet ending  taste. The makers donate a large amount to third world developing countries to make sure the rest of the world has clean drinking water. Impressive.

Acqua Smerladina has been accused of making the people of the island of Sardinia live to well over 100 years of age. Contains trace minerals and elements and is artesian water that flows over granite.

Berg harvested from what the name implies, icebergs, off Newfoundland and Canada provides some of the purest water found in bottled form. Its origins are over 15,000 years old.

Apollinaires is from Germany which has strict mineral water regulations.  It comes from the volcanic Eifel region, giving it effervescence. Light airy, it is considered the king of table waters.

Hildon,  from the UK, begins as rainwater that flows over the chalk hills in the Hampshire countryside, which acts as a filter and purifier. Low in sodium, with no chemical additives, it is highly prized for its purity.

American Summits, Wyoming based spring water, is never treated with chemicals and also flows overs granite and metamorphic rock, giving it trace elements which replace the body’s lost minerals.  Comes in 100% recycled bottles.

Finally, Saint Geron, “the queen” of bottled waters, which has taken over 1100 years of natural filtration in the making. It is very rich in calcium and magnesium.


Mary Beth Johnson, CEPC, CCC

"Chef Mary Beth creates delicious and elegant culinary works of art that should be in a museum, as described by E. Oppenheim. She is a professional chef who has made her career as a private personal chef in the luxury field for over 25 years. Chef Johnson is the recipient of numerous culinary and visionary awards in her field and is often in the media for her expertise as well as appearing on television and she is an author  to writing for major media publications.

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