Monir Zandghoreishi Couture Designer and Educator


 “America is greater than you think. You will find your way,” says Monir Zandghoreishi. In 1987 she arrived in Seattle. It was a struggle for her to learn English and start a new life for herself and her three daughters.  She opened a business, Monir Couture Design, and soon Nordstrom and many other luxury boutiques were sending their clients to Monir for consultation and alterations.  As her business grew, she became known for her exquisite bridal and evening gowns, a place where women found the right gown for one of the most special days of their lives.

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Sunny Murthy—The Well Dressed Student

“It's not about where you come from,” Sunny Murthy says, “it's about where you want to go.” Sunny Murthy is more than a student studying biochemistry at Virginia Tech. He’s an extraordinary young man who provides fashion advice to students through his popular blog The Well Dressed Student.

The launch of Sunny’s blog evolved from his...

The Birth of Bronx Fashion Week: Flora Montes Hit the Ground Running

Thanks to Flora Montes, The Bronx has its own biannual Fashion Week, which coincides with New York Fashion Week. Although the Bronx native doesn’t have a background in fashion, as a 15-year marketing veteran and executive chef, she had the necessary skills to get the borough’s Fashion Week off the ground last year.  “Bronx Fashion Week was born from an idea I had after going to a fashion show in Manhattan,” she told me recently. “When I...

The Essentials: Crossbody Handbags

Summer has arrived! Assuming you’ve done your share of spring cleaning, and with this being our fashion issue, you now deserve to enjoy a small, fashionable treat. Before you begin to peruse your favorite shop for the latest offerings when it comes to your wardrobe, consider adding a crossbody handbag to enhance your style.


Katie Scarlett Culp Crazy about shoes

Based in Denver, Colorado, Katie Scarlett Culp has worked for Nordstrom’s for eight years. She loves shoes so much that she’s made a career out of selling them. When she’s not on the floor selling shoes, she can be found rambling around town in her super bad ass lifted Ford Lariat.  Named Betty after Katie’s grandmother, the truck boasts mud tires and is super jacked even for Denver.  Katie loves hiking with her boyfriend Blake and...

Where have all the Man Buns gone?

My friend, Phyllis Korkki, Assignment Editor for the New York Times wrote an article “Spare a Hair Band? A Man Bun to Go”. Phyllis’s article ran a year ago but lately, the man bun phenomenon seems to have stalled.  In fact, the more we searched for man buns on the street, the fewer we found. My last...