Monir Zandghoreishi Couture Designer and Educator


 “America is greater than you think. You will find your way,” says Monir Zandghoreishi. In 1987 she arrived in Seattle. It was a struggle for her to learn English and start a new life for herself and her three daughters.  She opened a business, Monir Couture Design, and soon Nordstrom and many other luxury boutiques were sending their clients to Monir for consultation and alterations.  As her business grew, she became known for her exquisite bridal and evening gowns, a place where women found the right gown for one of the most special days of their lives.

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It Takes Two

Wild world of fashion takes teamwork and tenacity

By Matt Robinson

Though they may not yet have the name recognition of their fellow twin fashion icons - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Boston’s Ashley and Katie Hess are coming on strong with their curated fashion blog called The Party of Two. EMBED (

By combining their brains and...

He Does Windows!

From Boston

Tim Lemp contributes to Boston’s fashion scene via Visual Merchandising.

 By Alison Harris

Boston used to be the kind of city where fashion wasn’t quite as popular as intellect or sports, but today’s Boston offers everything from global chic to lesser known cutting-edge designers. One person on the Boston fashion scene, Tim Lemp,...

Shoe Crazy - Five Faves for Winter

I’ve been working with shoes since I was 20 years old and I know quality and fine detailing. For this winter, I love the latest styles, designs and colors. I feel especially good when I can personally recommend a pair of shoes or boots that I’m wearing and loving them too! It’s one thing to sell someone a pair of shoes and quite another to recommend shoes that looks and feel so good that I actually own a pair myself. Here are my top five...

Jailbreak is all about you, guys!

Edgy new men’s apparel brand Jailbreak is the brainchild of designer Madina Vadache and her partner and CEO Roman Levitsky. Jailbreak is loosely defined as the ultimate T-shirt experience.

Jailbreak embodies casual luxury and gives a voice to the men of this world who want to make their own fashion statement and who don’t just want to be the dudes who pay their wives’ bills.  This user friendly brand is defined by the man who...

Tied Up! Blame it on Beau Brummel

If a high, tight collar and a necktie feel like a self-knotted noose, curse the ghost of Beau Brummel, the influential English fashion maven of the Regency Period (just after the American War of Independence, if you’re not sure).

On the other hand, thank Beau Brummel for having consigned knee-pants with high stockings, and brocaded jackets with plumed hats to the movie studios’ wardrobe departments.

Beau Brummel...