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PR for People® Reviews: BOOKS: By Barbara Lloyd McMichael   Beauty books are part of a burgeoning industry – some market analyses suggest that the beauty market worldwide will amount to $265 billion this year.



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Dr. Gaboriau’s Insight on Beauty

The 40s are the new 30s! Some would say that the 40s are the new 20s! Regardless of the statement, the reality is that women and men have never felt as young as they do today and they have a strong desire to look as beautiful as the feel on the inside. The key is not to look like you’re in your ‘20s; it’s about embracing your age and incorporating some solutions in order to meet your specific needs...

Beauty from an AARP Perspective

When I was young, so they tell me, I was a knock-out. I never had to worry about Saturday night dates; I had multiple offers. Frankly, it was a lot of fun being a good-looking girl. 

I am now 76 and although not unattractive for my age, have subsided into being one of those ladies who is offered a seat on the subway. The first time was a terrible shock. I thought, “Gee, I looked good to myself in the mirror before I left the...

From Denver: It All Started in a Barn

Debbie Dygert, who hails from Kansas and whose family used to summer on their ranch in Toponas, Colorado, met her husband, Andy, who comes from upstate New York, in Colorado. When the two of them got married, they took a job as caretakers of a 300 plus acre ranch in Northwest Colorado located near the Moonhill one room schoolhouse, which is still in use, minutes from Clark’s general store and the village of Hahn’s Peak. They both love the...

Jay Calderin, Author, Designer and Leader in Boston’s Fashion scene at the School of Fashion Design

Boston’s Newbury Street, dotted with art galleries, fine eateries and eclectic shops, provides the perfect setting for the region’s only educational institution devoted entirely to fashion, The School of Fashion Design. The windows draw spectators with themes that range from popular culture to classy throw-backs. Jay Calderin, fashion author, designer and instructor at the school, is a fashion icon himself as he’s the founder of Boston’s...

Beauty: More than Skin Deep

In 2011, a year after her husband’s suicide, Amber Martini walked into Testament Tattoo in Leavenworth, Kansas. “I had been emotionally frozen and I wanted to feel something,” she said in a recent interview.

Her husband, Army Sergeant Ralph Mena, Jr., had loved tattoos, and this was a way she could honor his memory. She worked with tattoo artist Clinton Burkes to develop a design that expressed her grief, her anger, and her...