France by way of Morocco | Paule Attar

“When I was a child growing up in Morocco, we had so many orange trees,” Paule Attar recounts in her gorgeous, husky French accent. “As a kid, I would eat oranges fresh from the tree.. . .Any time you rub the peel over your hand, smell it and it is pure heaven!”

Since 1988, she has been the president and the technical and creative director of the European-style Paule Attar Salon and Spa in Bellevue, Washington. Ms. Attar has also owned two salons in Beverly Hills.

She apprenticed at Alexandre in Paris, one of the oldest and most respected hair salons in Europe. She also trained as an esthetician at the skin care institute Clytia in Paris. Paule Attar said, “French women pay attention to achieving a glowing complexion and great hair.” Paule Attar’s long-term partner in life and in business is Heinz Mikulka, who grew up in Austria and relocated to Beverly Hills. One day he had the good fortune to visit Paule Attar’s salon and have his hair cut personally by the owner. The rest is history.


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