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   The American Dream has always included the idea of satisfying employment and upward mobility, but a new book by Deepak Singh sketches out a less rosy reality.

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Book Review: Braiding Sweetgrass

A beautiful fusion of the indigenous wisdom that embraces the glory of life in all of its incarnations, scientific knowledge is fused together with the innate understanding of the teaching of plants. The plants teach us all we should ever need to know.

Book Review: Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop Love & Murder Vol. 1: Break the Bank

Vol. 1: Break the Bank, first in the series Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop Love & Murder, is streamlined, exciting, and has super-smooth transitions, even when the story’s protagonist, Alby O’Brien, has a flash from the past. Funny and irreverent, with an I-don’t-give-a-shit-attitude, Alby O’Brien is a working-class guy who has had a lot of bad breaks in life. He might be an unlikely character to root for, but you can feel his failures and disappointments beneath his tough exterior, and you want him to win. 


Memories of My Melancholy Whores

Marquez is one of a string of male writers who elevates pedophilia to new levels of grandeur and ecstasy under the guise of great literature.

Country Girl by Edna O’Brien – Ireland Forever

When Irish Author Edna O’Brien wrote her memoir Country Girl, some feared it might be a “kiss and tell” probing of the unbridled passions and secrets of the rich, the powerful and the celebrated. Her anecdotes about the famous reveal little about them and tell us much more about Edna O’Brien.

How many times can your heart get broken?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…How many times can your heart get broken? This question is asked by fifteen-year-old Cookie Colangelo in The Heart of Yonkers.