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   The American Dream has always included the idea of satisfying employment and upward mobility, but a new book by Deepak Singh sketches out a less rosy reality.

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"Fleeing the Fates of the Little Rascals” is a charming memoir

Laura June Kenney’s “Fleeing the Fates of the Little Rascals” is a charming memoir, in earnest, that omits the day-to-day, nitty gritty reality of being a child actor. 

Book Review: We The Presidents

A number of historical books cover American Presidents, but none is as singularly focused as Ronald Gruner’s new book We The Presidents. Mr. Gruner’s experience as an accomplished executive and founder of several technology companies has resulted in a much different perspective of presidential history. His focus on one hundred years of U.S. presidential history is shown primarily through an economic lens. (His book will be available on Amazon beginning on January 11, 2022.)

Book Review: Union Street

The author’s writing is superb, but her characters who personify death, sickness, self-destruction, depravity and despair are never able to see beyond the confines of a very small block of row houses on Union Street. 

Book Review: “Can You See Us Now” is better than sex

“Can See Us Now” is much more than chic lit for women of a certain age. Madge, Trish and Suzy are best friends who support one another through thick and thin. Beautiful, accomplished professionals, they are at the peak of their earning careers and their sexual prowess. Despite having all of the trappings of outward success, the three women suffer from one fatal flaw—they’re fifty. 


Patricia Vaccarino writes about William “Bill” Powers who lived about thirty miles northwest of Denver in Longmont, a town famous for its craft breweries. Although Bill lived in Colorado, he never forgot his hometown Yonkers.